Several DAAD publications

In cooperation with higher education partners from both Indonesia and Germany, DAAD Indonesia conducts a broad programme of information activities. This page offers you to download our presentations as a PDF.

Furthermore, the DAAD headquarter in Germany publishes magazines, brochures and flyers to inform various target groups about specific topics, funding programmes, studies and researchs. Please visit the webpage DAAD – Publications to get more information. Should you are interested in the printed versions of these publications, you can get it at our office.

PD Dr. Habil. Sonja Kleinertz's presentation for Science Talk on Thursday, 03.05.2018 (pdf, 1.92 MB)


You may find below the presentations during DAAD Sharing Best Practices on 8 May 2018:

Svenja Völkert's presentation for the Webinar on Thursday, 17 May 2018 (pdf, 2.19 MB)