SHARE is conducting the “Training on Internal Quality Assurance for SHARE Partner Universities” in June 2022 with the aim to provide a platform for discussion on the concept of quality as well as the different Quality Assurance (QA) models in higher education, including exchange of perspectives and experiences between QA personnel across the region.

This training is offered to QA officers and/or QA representatives of the 33 SHARE Partner Universities* and has been especially designed to address the needs of QA personnel in terms of capacity building based on a regional assessment survey conducted by SHARE earlier this year. In order to participate, applicants are required to provide a brief description of an intended QA activity to be implemented in their institution, to submit an application form, as well as a letter of support from university leadership.

Detailed information regarding SHARE Partner Universities list, eligibility and application process are available in the:


Please download the following annexes to complete your application:
ANNEX 1 – Application Form (docx, 1.85 MB)
ANNEX 2 – Letter of Support (template)  (docx, 1.43 MB)

Please submit your complete application (in a compressed/.zip folder) to by Sunday, 24 April 2022 at the latest.

Do you require funding to implement your intended/proposed QA activity?

At the moment, SHARE is also having an ongoing Call for Proposals for the SHARE Peer Multiplier Training and Disemmination Projects until 3rd April 2022. This activity aims to provide an opportunity for participants to conduct a project at their institutions with a funding opportunity of up to EUR 8,000 per selected project. Should you be interested in applying for funding to conduct your intended QA activity, kindly click here for details. Participation to both the Call for Applications for the IQA Training as well as the Call for Proposals for the Peer Multiplier Training and Dissemination Projects are welcome.