The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) finances the programme “IVAC – International Virtual Academic Collaboration” with funding provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

This programme grants funding to teaching concepts with the following regional focuses:

  1. transatlantic virtual academic cooperation
  2. international virtual academic cooperation (European and worldwide)

The programme promotes greater flexibility in degree programmes offered at German Higher Education Institutions and their foreign partner universities and contributes to equal opportunity by expanding access to international higher education.

The IVAC programme aims to achieve the following goals simultaneously:

  • Programme Objective 1:
    German lecturers and their international partners have integrated digital collaboration formats into their courses and plan to integrate them into the curriculum.
  • Programme Objective 2:
    Students and lecturers apply the digital skills acquired through virtual cooperation.
  • Programme Objective 3:
    Processes in the areas of study, teaching and blended mobility are digitised across universities and contribute to the development of interoperable student data ecosystems (in the interest of the Groningen Declaration).
  • Programme Objective 4:
    International digital cooperation formats are accessible to further target groups, which makes intercultural experiences possible, for example, for students who’s financial or family situation hinders physical mobility.
  • Programme Objective 5:
    A community of practice has formed.

The application deadline is 16 July 2020.
For Universities/ Faculties who are interested in joining this programme, the application must be sent via the German partner university. 

More info about IVAC 2020/2021, can be found in the Official Announcement (pdf, 189.76 KB). Should you have further questions, please send your inquiry to