Technical Assistance to the Lao PDR National Qualifications Frameworks (LNQF) and the Educational Standards & Quality Assurance Centre (ESQAC)


Technical Assistance to the Myanmar National Qualifications Frameworks (MNQF) and the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee (NAQAC) of Myanmar


The EU Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (EU SHARE) programme has the overall objective of contributing to the regional cooperation, enhancing the quality, regional competitiveness and internationalisation of ASEAN Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) contributing to an ASEAN Community in 2015 and beyond.

The project has two specific objectives:

  • To enhance the harmonisation of ASEAN higher education (HE) area through the formulation of ASEAN higher education frameworks taking into account the EU experience
  • To support mutual recognition and student mobility among HEIs in ASEAN to strengthen people-to-people connectivity

For more details regarding the project, click: SHARE.

DAAD is the technical lead for Result Area 2a – Qualifications Frameworks of SHARE’s programme implementation.


The main objective of the consultancy is to provide technical expertise and consulting support to ESQAC & NAQAC as the main bodies of accountability and implementation for the LNQF in Lao PDR and the MNQF in Myanmar. The specific objectives are to provide technical assistance to ESQAC & NAQAC in:

  • Supporting the finalisation of the MNQF & LNQF while assuring that necessary components are based on Myanmar’s and Lao PDR’s education system, and aligned with regional & international good practices; and
  • Supporting the development of an action plan for implementation of the LNQF & the MNQF.
  • Develop a clean final draft of the level descriptors; and
  • Ensure the alignment of the level descriptors to the AQRF.

One outcome and expected output of this assignment is a completion report that encompasses the aforementioned points and outlines and explains the methodology of the technical support provided, as well as a final draft document of both NQFs.



Expert or consultant in Qualifications Framework Referencing, preferable having at least 10 years of experience in the field of:

  1. qualifications frameworks or education & training systems in Lao PDR, Myanmar and/or other ASEAN Countries (predominantly CLMV);
  2. experience in working with the AQRF;
  3. design and development of a regional framework (preferably European Qualifications Framework), including level descriptors and referencing process;
  4. experience in the development of a National Qualifications Framework in an international context; and
  5. experience as a member of a referencing committee.

Scope of work

a) The scope of this assignment includes the following activities:

  • Desk review of the current version of LNQF, MNQF and other relevant reports related to National Qualifications System and Quality Assurance Arrangements (provided byESQAC and NAQAC);
  • Prepare revised and updated versions of the LNQF and MNQF;
  • Conduct discussion sessions via video conference with the Myanmar & Lao PDR NQF teams;
  • Intensive interaction with the EU SHARE and NQF teams through e-mail; and
  • Submit a completion report as well as the NQF-related documents to EU SHARE (final draft, etc.).

b) Attend meetings in Lao PDR and Myanmar, with the specific task of presenting the assistance methodology (methods and criteria of the support given) to NAQAC, ESQAC and EU SHARE.

Submit your offer (including CV, indicative project timeline, expected daily fee) to until 26 January 2020 (23:59 hours GMT+7) at the latest.

More info please find in the Official Announcement (pdf, 149.27 KB)