If you are German university alumni from developing countries (DAC country nationals) with a proven background in academic fields relevant to the topics of forest assessment, forest use, forest protection, forest/agroforest monitoring, sustainable forest management, natural resource management, human ecology, environmental studies, and ethnology/anthropology related to humans living in and with forests.

APPLY NOW for the DAAD Alumni Special Project (training seminar and conference visit) in the framework of  European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2020 – The interdisciplinary platform for discussing major challenges and future opportunities in tropical ecology

The training seminar will take place from March 16th – 23rd 2020, organized by the University of Göttingen, followed by the visit of European Conference of Tropical Ecology 2020 in Leipzig, Germany, from March 24th – 27th 2020.

 Deadline for application: 26th October 2019

Please address your application directly to the contact named in the announcement which is also available on our website: www.daad.de/alumni-special-projects.
See the official announcement here.