The 2019’s Annual Alumni Seminar of Master Science in International Health at Charite University has a particular theme on Climate Change and Global Health. The seminar has been conducted from 26 August to 4 September 2019. It was also marked the 20th anniversary of this master’s program. This seminar has been attended by 19 alumni from 15 countries in Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. Dr. Fina Tams and Mr. Fuad Hamsyah, DAAD alumni from Indonesia, got the opportunity to attend this seminar. It’s a unique seminar. Apart from the presentation, the workshop participants have actively engaged in the group discussion and exercise, role play during powerwalk session, and participated in students’ strike on climate change initiated by Greta Thurnberg named “Friday for future.” The lectures also come from Europe and the US.

Topic presented were varied from the introduction of climate change and its impact on health; air pollution; climate; new governance and economic elements on climate change and health; climate change, violence and health; health and climate change and their inequalities; climate justice and call for action. At the end of the seminar, the participants reflected their actions after they come back to their home country.

Following the seminar, Dr. Fina Tams has organized Lunch Talks on 14 October 2019, a health talk focused on climate change and health in her office. Twenty colleagues attended it. Dr. Tams collaborated with Environmental Health Unit at her office. This lunch talks also launching of the green office movement and meat-free Monday initiative to reduce the carbon footprint by eating no meat in every Monday. The lunch talks were also interactive. The presentation has been enriched with games, video streaming of climate change in the UNTV, and active question and answer. At the end of the session, the speaker invited individual and collective action against climate change such as recycle, reuse and refill, drive less and many more.