• The DAAD-Fraunhofer Technopreneur Award 2017 focuses on Added Value for the Local Food Industry in Indonesia.

The subject of the theme is the development of food products based on Indonesian crops cultivated by small-scale farmers. These foods can be made by local small and medium food producers thus improving the income of both actors.

Why this theme is important for Indonesia and Germany:
Indonesia is a major producer of agricultural crops such as cassava, maize, coconut but also coffee and cocoa with small scale producers still being dominant. At the same time the food and beverage industry represents one of the most important industrial sectors of Indonesia with a high share of SMEs. However, Indonesia also faces several challenges such as low income levels among the rural population as well as an inadequate supply of high quality protein and insufficient diet diversification. This is addressed by government programs to improve food security and the income situation of the rural population. These aims are also reflected in the German research strategy “BioEconomy2030”. Among others, this framework program is addressing topics such as fostering international cooperation as well as securing global food security. In the long term a research cooperation addressing these global challenges will strengthen the collaboration between Indonesia and Germany, both in science and economy.

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